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Wait...how did I get to be 65?

Sixty-five memories from the first 65 years...

Sixty-five memories from the first 65 years...

(not in strict chronological nor significant order)

1. Slipped into the world at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital. 9/3/53.

2. Saw Led Zep’s first show at Fillmore with Preston and had our minds completely blown! (1969)

3. Saw my favorite Movie, The Time Machine (1960)

4. Along with my Boy Scout Troop 101 in Ten Mile River camp, NY, observed UFOs: star-like objects that hovered, zig-zagged, made right-angles and defied any wordly explanation. (1965)

5. For three mornings, rode my bicycle to the Manhattan Beach esplanade to view a comet. I can still recall the eerie, empty pre-dawn streets. (1966)

5. Help a wrangler herd cattle, Taos, NM. (1991)

6. Dug up a soldier’s helmet on Omaha Beach during my first visit to France, my mom’s birthplace. (1962)

7. Hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and camped for several days with friends Larry and Howie. (1972)

8. Heard the harmonious sounds of the Earth one morning in Ios, Greece: bees buzzing, donkeys braying, church bells and the rolling surf. (1978)

9. Enjoyed a Salad Niçoise in Nice. (1973)

10. Saw a rainbow over Niagara Falls. (2012)

11. Lead a group of Christiana-bound hippies in an early morning sing-a-long in a Danish rail way station. (1978)

12. Walked the battlefields of Gettysburg. (2013)

13. Shook Ringo’s hand at Tower Records, NYC. (1998)

14. Joined a traditional seisiún in Doolin, Ireland. (1993)

15. Discovered Jean Shepherd’s late night radio show while scanning the radio under my pillow. Instant convert. (1964)

16. Played guitar all night with the band at the Boule Rouge niteclub in Fort Lamy, Chad. Sang "Let it Be" for the drunken French soldiers dancing close with Cameroonian girls. (1973)

17. Worked with drummer Andy Newmark (Double Fantasy, Roxy Music) on Treble Boys’ 45 “Julie Anne.” (1983)

18. Played a concert at fancy Supper club, Denmark (1978)

19. Experienced Hendrix’s performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock. (1969)

20. Having my mom teach me to sing and use my arms and body to sing “April Showers.” (1962)

21. Screamed all night for Janis at first Fillmore East visit, Big Brother & The Holding Company. (1968)

22. Came home from summer camp to find a new Guild f-20 (1966)

23. Stood outside the Statue of Liberty’s torch while working for the National Parks as a Park Aid. (1974)

24. Sat in the shade of Redwoods in Yosemite. (1972)

25. Learned two chords and “Tom Dooly” with guitar teacher, Harriet Unger. (1963)

26. My brother Phil took me to the Brill Building offices of The Tokens, where I played for them my song, “You Might Call Me A Bum.” (1966)

27. Had John Lennon’s shredded vocal on Beatles’ “Twist and Shout” set my body on fire. (1964)

28. Interviewed Arthur Alexander in Cleveland, OH. (1993)

29. Took a guitar lesson with Larry Coryell in CT. (1978)

30. Explored Howe Caverns with my family. (2007)

31. Shook Allen Touissant’s hand at N.O. Jazz Fest. (1988)

32. Received confirmation from University of Alabama Press for my book, “Get A Shot of Rhythm and Blues: The Arthur Alexander Story.” (1999)

33. Had a weekend guitar seminar with Jorma Kaukonen at his Fur Peace Ranch (FPR). (1995)

34. Had weekend seminar with Jack Casady at FPR. (2002)

35. Shared a beer with Allen Ginsberg in the Grass Roots bar. He recited Sapho’s poetry for my friend and me. (1982)

36. Kissed Barbara Prisco on our second date. (1992)

37. Proposed to her at the Oak Room of the Plaza. (1993)

38. Held my new-born daughter Michele Rose. (2000)

39. Held my new-born daughter Sophie Gisele. (2002)

40. Swam in the Chari River, Chad, & heard a hippo snort from upriver. (1973)

41. Attended Cream’s reunion concert at the Royal Albert Hall and spied Paul and Ringo in box seats. (2005)

42. Visited the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam (1978)

43. Four years after sending Julianne Phillips a copy of “Julie-Anne,” (1983) she told me she and Bruce listened to it.

44. Published three songs with Gil Music, publishers of “She Loves You” and five other Beatles’ songs. (1977)

45. Jumping off my father’s shoulders into the waters of Manhattan Beach (1958)

46. Saw my first concert, The Lovin’ Spoonful, at Brooklyn College. Met them and Donovan back stage! (1967)

47. Made music for kindergartners at PS 254, the same room where I played fifty years earlier. (2009)

48. Blue Horses LP recommended in Billboard (1989)

49. Shared a drink with my mom’s good friend Simone in the apartment building where my grandmother lived. (1978)

51. Watched Michele win her school spelling bee. (2013)

52. Had an article published in the Sunday Times. (1995)

53. Stood among the thermal pools in Yellowstone. (1972)

54. Swam with my family in the Nassau beachs (2008)

55. Visiting Graceland and Sun Studio in Memphis. (1998)

56. Saw Chuck McCann at Bozo The Clown Show. (1962)

57. Snorkeled in Maui on my honeymoon. (1994)

58. Michele and Sophie performed at my Afghanistan International Foundation for the Blind concert. (2018)

59. Small Faces’ Ian McLagan played organ on “Up The Wooden Hills To Bedforshire,” Circle of the Sun CD. (2006)

60. Experienced “Pompeii: The Exhibit” in NYC. (2011)

61. Rode horses with my family in Monument Valley (2015)

62. Sailed on a three-masted schooner in Mystic, CT. (2018)

63. Walked in Brian Epstein’s footsteps from the NEMS store to original Cavern Club, 216 steps that changed the world. (2018)

64. Attended Michele’s high-school graduation. (2018)

65. Celebrated my birthday with friends and family. (2018)