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"To The Bay"

Reflections on my teen years in the Bay (if you'd like a hard copy of this, simply email me)

Preston A. Laris, In Memoriam

We had walked through fire together. He the protector; me, the snide sidekick with a middle finger to the world. No one understood my pain as he, and visa versa.

Reflections on Blue Horses LP, thirty years on

When the 1,000 records were delivered on a bright sunny day to my tenement apartment on Henry Street, I triumphantly carried them up the five flights, while the LP played on my stereo.

Janis and Preston

So when I'm in my little helicopter hovering just above the 25th floor of my dentists mid-town office, I think of Preston and I think of Janis...

Tragedy of Triangle

Midtown Resident, March 1996 The scene on March 25, 1911, was more than Coroner Holtzhauser could bear. "Only one miserable little fire escape," he told The New York Times, which described him "sobbing like a child."

early poetry

when I walked the poet's walk and talked the young poet's talk....

London 45-anniversary

London never broke my heart Not like New York City, from whom I've never managed to escape...

Wheels of Fortune

New York Magazine, January 7, 1991 Not long ago, I had my fifth bicycle stolen. A week later, having neither the money to buy a new one nor any friends I hadn't relieved of their unused bikes, I resolved, with regret, to do what I had told myself I would never do: buy a hot bike.


The New York Times, Sunday, October 1, 1995 A Flower Child's Long Night


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